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Improving the Health & Wellness of Arkansas Communities

City Pharmacy & Compounding provides several types of vaccinations to our customers. We proudly participate in Arkansas' Pharmacist Immunization Program. The program is coordinated by the Arkansas Pharmacists Association, working in collaboration with the Arkansas Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Currently, in Arkansas, the majority of adults are not up-to-date with their immunizations. This program provides
an excellent opportunity for pharmacists to fill the gaps and help improve the health of our communities.

The goal of the state-wide Pharmacist Immunization Program is to increase the number of pharmacist-administered adult vaccinations.


Walk-in to City Pharmacy and Receive
Vaccination On-Site.

Some vaccines require special attention, so calling ahead is recommended.

Immunization Clinics Offered On-Site at Your Location.
Keep your team as healthy as possible during flu season and throughout the year! Good Day Pharmacy works with organizations and businesses to help protect team members from the flu. We’ll schedule flu shot clinics on site at your location, or your members may visit us at the pharmacies for flu shots and other vaccinations.​ 

Shingrix™ is given to prevent shingles for adults age 60 or older. Shingles is a rash that will often blister and can be very painful. Risk for getting Shingles begins to rise around age 50. It is a one-time vaccination and can be received up to any age. Shingrix™ is a two dose series.

Pneumococcal disease can cause serious or fatal infections of the lungs, blood, and brain. This vaccine can be received at any time of the year. It is recommended for all adults age 65 and over, or any adult with health conditions such as diabetes or lung disease. 

Seasonal influenza causes fever, cough, sore throat, chills, headache, and muscle aches. Flu shots are typically given in the fall. The best time to receive a flu shot is as soon as the vaccine becomes available, but flu shots will be effective during the later part of flu season if received through January.For More Information.


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